Oh don't you know?
We could have changed the world
When we were young
And the world was ours
But who were we?


Unfortunately, philosophy, like any science, has its own vocabulary and its own discourse. As a consequence, its texts are often no easier to access for a neophyte than those of any other science, although understandably (resp. hopefully) there is a broader interest in philosophical questions due to their general nature.

I hope that the following short texts are readable for an interested public. Unfortunately, they are only available in German. As a small compensation, I have tried to provide a short English synopsis for each text.

Auch die Natur wartet auf die Revolution (Nature, too, Awaits the Revolution) (PDF format, 277 kB) outlines a possible rational reconstruction of Herbert Marcuse's utopia of nature with recourse to Prigogine, Freud and Schiller. English synopsis.

Zum Problem der Kausalität in den Sozialwissenschaften (On the Problem of Causality in Social Sciences) (PDF format, 330 kB) deals with the relation of the concepts of causality in hard and social sciences. English synopsis.

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