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The Meeting

She came through a gate of unsaid in a night full of dreams
and I was so alone so I could take her
she was no woman was no girl
I can't explain the way she was being
and she just was

I hadn't seen her yet in all her beauty
when I couldn't see no more
just feel the things a way I'd never seen
with eyes that beheld
more than universes and less than atoms

And her colourless touch would ask
why a colour'd ever been
and her silent warmth's caressing
every place on me
even those
I'd never known
lifting me away from the hard ground I lay on

And she lay down beside me
I could feel her breathing
and kiss her
touch her being's most intimate places
love her
And she opened her truth
and I saw the origin and felt us groan and dissolve
into the grey

And when we'd made love I awoke
thousands of hours too late
sweatin' and freezin' and cryin' and tremblin'
letting everything fall out of my hands
gazin' destroyin' tryin' to tell what I'd felt
just 'cause I am so alone
I am so afraid
not to hold what I felt
and to never feel it

But still I know
now I'll go my way
and whatever will come
I'll have seen it