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PersonalINN Screenshots

In the Newsgroups window, you select the newsgroups that PersonalINN is intended to fetch from your Internet Service Provider's news server; newsgroups marked in bold are already fetched by PersonalINN. In the lower part of the window, you'll find descriptions for the selected newsgroups.

If the pop-up list at the top of the Newsgroups window is set to PersonalINN Newsgroups, only the newsgroups fetched by PersonalINN will be displayed. This mode is well-suited e.g. for setting the expiration period of the particular newsgroups (in the upper part of the window).

This panel permits the creation of local newsgroups under the top-level hierarchy set in the preferences.

PersonalINN's preferences

You use the Configuration window to configure PersonalINN.

The Control window replaces INN's ctlinnd program.